Where We´ve Gone

Our experienced team has crafted and operated experiential corporate and leisure expeditions for National Geographic Expeditions, National Geographic Latin American Channels, and FOX among others. Through its sister company, Photo Xpeditions, it has also produced photography workshops and expeditions for award-winning photographers like Mary Ellen Mark, Alexander Webb, Maggie Steber, Tino Soriano and many others.The exposure to high caliber and, often times, demanding clientele has taken us to unique and exclusive places around the world. From the beautiful landscapes of Yellowstone to the stunning ruins of the Yucatan Peninsula, from the culinary delicacies of Northern Spain to the spectacular waterfalls in Iceland and the deep-rooted traditions of Oaxaca. Following a few examples of what we have done in the past:

Where we gone Peru


Imagine the look on your clients’ faces as they see the sun rising over Machu Picchu, or when they’re invited to dance the “pasacalle” across a public plaza before an exclusive dinner in a museum. These are the kind of real and spontaneous moments Peru can offer. This gorgeous country has a magical aura sure to inspire wonder in you, your team and your clients.

Where we gone Iceland


With its rugged peaks and steaming geysers, Iceland’s otherworldly landscape tends to bring out the daring side of our clients. Stun your guests with an unforgettable adventure that might involve crossing rivers and mountains via Super Jeep, walking on a glacier and enjoying bonfire-side drinks afterward under the northern lights.

Where we gone Northern Spain 1

Northern Spain

Journey through the “unknown” coast of Spain on a luxurious private railway trip through dramatic mountains, ancient hamlets, sophisticated cities, and charming villages of Spain’s northern coast. Sample some Asturian delicacies at 3,500 feet above sea level by a lake surrounded by the snow-capped mountains of the Picos de Europa National Park. The experience involves sleeping onboard the train and experiencing some of the best gastronomy in Spain.

Where we gone Yellowstone and Tetons 1

Yellowstone & the Tetons

Bond with your guests on a journey into the wilderness, as you head out on a 4×4 moose and grizzly bear safari in this natural wonderland. Later, enjoy dinner in barn surrounded by  snowcapped mountains as you witness a presentation by a National Geographic Explorer. The experiences we’ve built and executed in Jackson Hole have been among our most impactful.

Where we gone Riviera Maya

The Mayan Riviera

With us, you’ll experience a side to the Riviera Maya only a handful of people ever glimpse. We’ll open doors to exclusive experiences and venues certain to amaze your guests. Drive through dense greenery to arrive at a torch-lit cave, where your gourmet dinner will be sound tracked by a live violinist and DJ; or Arrive to an exclusive remote, sacred “Cenote” to encounter Mayan warriors that will safeguard your event and dinner while you and your guests marvel at the stunning natural surroundings…