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Wildlife in Africa

Making Long-Lasting Memories through Experiential Travel

They say you never forget your first, and I never have my trip to Africa at six years old has stuck with me forever. Memories are more vivid than the trips I took last year. And yet it was just the first in a barrage of experiential journeys I have had the pleasure to be on, and the next frontier was Alaska.

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Flying pink flamingos at Yucatan

Finding the Elusive Pink Flamingo in Yucatan

We reached our beach and pause as we draw up the game plan, we would take kayaks and paddle towards a water spring, but it was too windy, so this plan was spoiled. We could paddle to where the flamingos were, but then the wind might push us away, so this plan was foiled, maybe just maybe, we could reach them on our trusty tiburonera.

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Northern lights in Iceland

Chasing the Northern Lights in Iceland

I sit in silence waiting for the northern lights I close my eyes and replay second by second everything I’ve experienced. In a day I did what, to me, seemed like a week’s worth of activities. I was tired, but I was in a wonderland. Everywhere I looked I was surprised to find something new, something odd.

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Culture and Wildlife in the Mayan Riviera - Swimming in the cenote in the woods

The Experience of Entering a Cenote

The long twisted roost stemming from the trees on the ground above stretch and reach to graze the surface of the water. The small catfish come out from the shadows looking like 5 inch long sharks only to seek refuge under the thirsty roots of the trees above.

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